Why your event might be cancelled in 2012

Brands and agencies trying to organise events in 2012 could miss out unless they inform London authorities in the next three weeks, the Mayor’s office has warned.

Why your event might be cancelled in 2012
Why your event might be cancelled in 2012

Flashmob events, business meetings and even school fetes could all be affected, with organisers seemingly unaware of the deadlines posed by the Mayor’s Office in order to control policing and public services during Olympic year.

"It is key that the industry is aware of the measures and the impacts these will have in agencies and venues with facilities that can host more than 500 guests," said HBAA executive director Peter Ducker.

Culture Diary

London authorities have set up The Culture Diary, which is intended to detail upcoming events in the capital. The deadline for entries for the Diary is 31 March, but non-cultural events that could have an effect on policing and public space – a good example of this would be the infamous T-Mobile flashmob events – look set to be denied if they are not registered with the Mayor’s Office before the end of this month. It counts for all events with more than 499 people, but could extend to smaller ones that impact on the city’s infrastructure.

"Events might not be able to go ahead if they have an impact on public services and the city's infrastructure. Registering now will give your event the best chance of going ahead," said a spokesperson from the Mayor's office.

Last-minute events

Many industry insiders tell Event that brands are no-where near finalising their plans for activity around the Olympics, the approaching deadline could mean their events plans are completely scuppered. Last-minute changes and requests will not necessarily be passed:

"Holding the Olympics and Paralympics is fantastic but it also puts significant demands on the City's infrastructure and services," said the spokesperson.

"To accommodate for an event of this size we must plan ahead and that’s why the Diary opened in the summer last year. After an initial review there may be some capacity but organisers shouldn't rely on there being any last minute spare capacity."

Last year the London Fire Brigade predicted a £900,00 funding shortfall for the 2012 Games period.


Only 1,100 events are currently registered for the cultural diary, and will benefit from promotion as part of their involvement. Events planned nearer or during the Olympics themselves are less likely to be supported, due to the strains put on the City’s infrastructure.

To register planned events of more than 499 people, or events of any size that could have an impact on public services and infrastructure, click here.

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