Why Beat The Brief?

In the first installment of Beat the Brief's dedicated entertainment blog, Adam Sternberg, director at Sternberg Clarke, reveals what the corporate entertainment competition is all about and how it surpasses TV talent show formats.

Beat the Brief: why it is more than just a TV talent show
Beat the Brief: why it is more than just a TV talent show

Despite a slight decline in fortunes in the past couple of years, the TV talent show still has its hooks in the British public. Whether we’re peering through fingers at a tone deaf audition or punching the air as a scrappy up-and-comer makes it big, there’s something irresistible about this heady mix of rags to riches stories and old-fashioned vaudeville.

Beat the Brief isn’t that.

While the worlds of event entertainment and TV talent shows occasionally overlap, and while there’s plenty that events folk can take away from those shows, The X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent aren’t really the best format for an events-focussed talent show. We wanted to create a competition that was about events as much as it was about entertainment and a straightforward ‘acts performing for judges on stage’ show isn’t going to cut it.

First off, a talent show’s focus is squarely on talent, and as we’ve discussed that’s often not enough to get by in events. And if talent is the only concern, how do you separate a magician and a singer? How can you tell if a contortionist is better at contorting than a juggler is at juggling?

Secondly, the usual talent show format doesn’t account for the most important part of event entertainment – how the performer uses their talent in the context of the event.

Beat the Brief aims to find not just the best act, but the best act for the events industry – that’s why we’ll be giving the performers a brief before each heat to see how they interpret it and incorporate it in to their act.

What we’re looking for isn’t someone who puts on the same show week in, week out. Instead we’re looking for performers who engage with the core concept of an event the same way that the people working on an event would.

By doing this, we hope to create a competition that’s of specific interest to the events industry, something that gets people talking and thinking differently about entertainment and how it can work at an event.

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