White paper claims industry is ill-equipped for a crisis

Docleaf research has shown that event agencies are still poorly prepared to deal with crises, particularly new media-related ones, and their psychological and monetary repercussions.

White paper claims industry ill equipped for crisis
White paper claims industry ill equipped for crisis

According to a survey of UK event agencies, only 38% had a crisis management plan. Of these only 8% have updated their plan in the past six months.

Less than one in 20 (4%) of those surveyed could say they had tested their plans and none had undertaken a full scale simulation exercise.  

Those agencies that were better prepared had often faced a significant crisis in the preceding 24 months or were using the services of an external specialist.

There was also an alarming lack of awareness of the challenges created by new media. Less than one in ten (8%) said they had a policy as part of their crisis plan.

"Given the rise of "citizen journalism" and the damage that can be wreaked by uncontested on-line allegations, this is a very worrying statistic," said Docleaf founder and chief executive, Dr. David Perl.

Whilst 34% had opted for crisis management insurance, the report claims that many assumed the insurer would manage the crisis on their behalf.

"Many event agencies were ill versed in dealing with a hostile media when attempting to contain a crisis situation where a range of different skills and strategy are required," Perl added. 

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