Weekender: House of Hyundai, Laithwaite's and Wahaca's Day of the Dead festival

This weekend, car manufacturer Hyundai will launch House of Hyundai - The Sensory Journey, wine merchant Laithwaite's is showcasing wine experiences and Mexican street-food brand Wahaca celebrates Day of the Dead.

The House of Hyundai will welcome guests from 4-5 November
The House of Hyundai will welcome guests from 4-5 November

House of Hyundai - The Sensory Journey

Hyundai is explorin how senses affect emotional states when driving. The experience will be fully immersive, taking guests on a multi-sensory journey through six zones, meeting innovators and experiencing futuristic developments. They will also be treated to complementary drinks, and the whole experience will be conducted to the tune of the 'ulitmate driving playlist'. The six zones will allow guests to view textile innovations (such as the car seat of the future), the creation of hand-crafted perfumes and car scents, developments in 3D technology and food production, drone-made films, Spotify and how they put the ‘main’ into mainstream music and a world of future mobility. Overall, the experience will aim to inspire and excite drivers, as well as helping to improve car journeys.

When: 4-5 November

Where: Soho, London

Laithwaite's Live - wine experiences and VR tours

The Laithwaite's Live event seeks to celebrate wine with immersive tastings and VR vineyard tours. Four tasting experiences will be on offer to guests, including 'Wonderful bubbles and artisan beers' and 'Irresistable Old World and New World favourites'. The two-day event will feature interactive sessions, such as 'discover your wine personality', during which guests will find out their 'style match', and 'Tasting in the Dark', where guests will enter a pitch black environment leaving them to rely on their senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch. The show will also feature VR tours of Le Chai au Quai winery in Bordeaux. 

When: 4-5 November

Where: London

Wahaca's Day of the Dead Festival

The Mexican restaurant chain will host a three-day fiesta in celebration of Mexican festival, Day of the Dead. Guests will be treated to live music, art, hedonistic performances, street food, and, of course, tequila. Confirmed acts, who will be responsible for keeping the Mexican-theme running throughout the night include Centravrvs, The Indios, Orkesta Mendoza, and Family Atlantica. On each evening at 6.30pm, Wahaca restaurant co-founder Thomasina Miers and Mexican chef Santiago Lastra Rodriguez will invite guests to a set course dinner. 

In May, Hyundai created an immersive fan experience for Euro 2016 while in September, Herman Ze German transformed its basement bar in celebration of Oktoberfest

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