Uncertain economic future 'will cause cancellations', Event expert panel says

The industry is already feeling the pinch of the credit crunch with predictions that there will be more cancellations and consolidation of events in the near future, according to a panel of experts.

Hague: cancellations possible
Hague: cancellations possible

"I feel that we will see more cancellations and tenancies losing space," said Excel London head of sales Jane Hague. "A client recently changed its usual gala dinner into a canapé reception, companies do not want to be seen as being too ostentatious."

Hague was speaking at the Event 100 Live event on 12 September where other seminars included discussions on green issues, online and face to face marketing and associations.

69% of attendees at the event also felt that there will be a slight decrease in marketing budgets next year. Under 10% suggested there would be any increase.

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