Event Training Day

How to win new business - 8th July 2015

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Introduction - overview of the market place - the "new" normal and outline of workshop structure

Camilla Honey , Director , jfdi
Mark Clark , Director , jfdi


What do clients want and why? The insider track on how to win new business, nurture clients and grow existing accounts

  • The inside track: what are the current challenges that clients are facing in justifying their value to internal management teams?
  • Does size really matter? What are clients looking for when they select agencies and what instils faith and confidence?
  • Pitch day: anecdotes on what works, what doesn’t and how to structure the inevitable overload of information without losing impact
  • Killer tips: what’s sure to get your agency noticed and how are decisions between two front-runners really made?
  • Growing existing clients: how to become an indispensable client partner, strategic advisor and value-adding innovator to win more and more business
  • Q&A: there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Ask our clients what you really want to know!


Alison Williams , Head of Events , L'Oreal Professional Products UKI
Victoria Archbold , Head of Events and Sponsorship , Hearst
Tina Fegent , Director , Tina Fegent Consulting




Structuring a new business and marketing programme: how to create opportunities and what are the nuts and bolts of a bullet-proof strategy?

  • The importance of positioning to New Business
  • Conducting a solid business strategy and review and audit to exploit trends and opportunities and play to your strengths
  • What are the most cost-effective, social media-savvy ways of attracting new clients?
  • Aiming high: constructing the “ideal” client list and selecting clients who match your creative and strategic values
  • Small, medium, large: and does it really matter? How to play to your agility, network reach, innovation and fluidity

Growing existing client business: Developing a greater understanding of client needs and nurturing relationships to drive long-term profitability

  • Shifting gear from good client management to outstanding client leadership as a pre-requisite to client growth
  • Nurturing relationships in a proactive, meaningful and balanced way but without bombarding clients with unnecessary information
  • Developing and managing client relationships for greater commercial gain
  • How to grow agencies via diversification – new markets, same markets, more offerings



Managing Meetings with Prospects

  • the most common mistakes, that will kill meetings with prospective clients
  • the most powerful, productive way to manage meetings with prospective clients

Chris Matthews , Chairman , Peregrine


Pitch-perfection: what are the top tricks and tips for creating high-impact pitches that win business?

  • What can agencies do better at different stages of a pitch stage
  • Creating a winning chemistry with clients in pitches
  • Should agencies ask more questions or does this show a lack of knowledge? What type of questions are more valuable than others?
  • How much does the client want to know about the team versus ideas versus previous experience?
  • Killer tips: how to make your agency more competitive during pitches

Dedicated Q&A Session: put your New Business questions to our experts