How to...plan a student event on a budget - part two

How do you pull off a student event that has a big impact on a small budget? Here Sylvia Nankivell from Student Money Saver shares part two of her wallet-friendly tips.

Planning is important, but be prepared to learn from your mistakes too
Planning is important, but be prepared to learn from your mistakes too

In part one we covered the importance of organising your team, venue and date to maximise your chances of success. But there are several other factors you should consider before the big day arrives.  


Having organised many events over the years, I have learned the key a successful one is promotion. A facebook event will help, but seeing as anyone can initiate social media events fairly easily, the platform can get oversaturated. This means you need to make your event stand out from everyone else’s. Use a striking picture and spend some time inviting people, perhaps writing a personal message as bait to increase enthusiasm among potential guests.

Although social media is an efficient way to connect, you still can’t beat face to face promotion. It will make your event feel as social as possible and make your target audience feel valued.

Printed material is useful in convincing people to attend as they already recognise your ‘brand identity’. Designs don’t have to be professional, in fact sometimes if a leaflet is a bit rough round the edges it can be a talking point. You can make a noticeable saving by printing loads of very small fliers onto sheets of A4 paper (16 per sheet) then using a guillotine to cut them to size. Be sure to give these to EVERYONE.

Health and Safety

One of the least fun ways to blow your budget is getting sued by someone who has been injured at your event. Be sure to think about this as you go along, as leaving it to the last minute could mean dropping features you’ve already promised. The venue will be able to answer any questions you have, so be sure to develop good communication with them and keep them informed as the event develops.

Party Time

Plan everything well in advance and be prepared to learn from your mistakes, stay positive and keep handing out those fliers right until the doors open. One perk of being an organiser is you should expect to be bought a pint or two by your satisfied attendees (in a perfect world). Now enjoy your event, you’ve earned it!

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