Top three visual and photographic innovations

Event takes a look at three pieces of visual and photographic technology that can change the way your events are seen, and even run.

Three new visual and photographic innovations
Three new visual and photographic innovations


This new visual fashion-focused app by Emma J Shipley allows users to virtually try on outfits before they go ahead and by them and will officially launch on 3 November. It will give fans of Shipley's luxury scalves the opportunity to see how they look, and the ability to purchase immediately - all with just a few clicks. Myf Ryan, chief marketing officer at Westfield has said of the technology: "In terms of fashion and technology shopping innovations, "Scarfi" has the potential to change the face of retail as it’s a next-generation integrated platform of online and physical." 

Mirrorless Cameras

In any expensive, professional camera, it's the mirror users will be most concerned about. If they scratch or shatter, the camera becomes unusable - and they are notoriously difficult to repair. The solution? Get rid of the mirror entirely. Mirrorless cameras are smaller, lighter and even easier to use. Sony and Fujifilm have released their own models, and there are rumours that Nikon will be jumping on the band wagon too. 

Selfie Pay

Mastercard has laucnhed a technology that allows people to pay with a selfie. When shopping online, consumers can use a selfie to verify their identity, thereby eradicating the need for passwords or PINs. In order to use the technology, users must first download the 'Identity Check Mobile App', which allows them to confirm their identity with a fingerprint scan or facial recognition. The software launched in the UK and 11 other European countries on 4 October. It will launch in more countries in 2017. 

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