Top tech: Glisser's 'Periscope for Presentations'

Tech start-up Glisser has developed software that live-tweets presentation slides automatically.

Glisser launches 'Periscope for Presentations'
Glisser launches 'Periscope for Presentations'

Developed: 2015

What is it? A presentation platform that allows users to live-stream slides to Twitter, a solution Glisser has dubbed ‘Periscope for Presentations’ in reference to the latest social media craze. 

Tell me more... The platform takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote slides and pushes them live to an audience’s devices. Now, there is the option to set the slides to automatically tweet as they are revealed. 

The feature, which was launched at the Master Investor event in April, aims to add a social and virtual element to every presentation. 

Mike Piddock, co-founder at Glisser said: "When the Periscope-mania hit a few weeks ago, this feature became a must-have. Audiences could already use Glisser to share slides to Twitter, so allowing presenters to do the same was a no-brainer. 

"The live nature of events combined with the reach of Twitter creates an opportunity for speakers and presenters to share their views and expertise with two audiences at once. It also rewards those presenters that put a lot of time and effort into the design and impact of their slides, as well as being a useful way for event organisers to amplify the social reach of their event through their presenters, with minimal extra effort."

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