Top four summer food trends

Event takes a look at some of the food trends dominating the summer season.

Top four summer food trends
Top four summer food trends

Surf and turf

While this may seem a throwback to the 1980s,  TV chef Jimmy Garcia has launched a premium 10-night Surf & Turf Summer pop up throughout August. The premium offer menu features a Lobster and Cote De Boeuf right through to Oysters and the 'Picnic for the Beach Dessert' at his culinary home - The Lodge in Clapham.


The consumer demand for more healthy options has seen the spice turmeric grow in popularity. Caterers Blue Strawberry and Table Talk’s food designer, Keri Moss, believe that turmeric is the spice of the moment and has anti-inflammatory properties. "Aside from being used in curries, we are seeing this spice popping up everywhere; think golden turmeric ice cream, spiced hollandaise and smoked and spiced vegetables such as aubergine and cauliflower,"  says Moss.

Pescatarian: poke

The backlash of consumers against meat has seen the growth of pescatarian or fish dishes. The latest food craze, according to Moss, is "definitely something to get excited about" and is well suited to those who want a change from sushi or ceviche. The fish poke (pronounced poh-kay) hails from Hawaii, and is a raw fish dish, usually served with a soy sauce-based dressing. 


The end of the meal is traditionally a treat time and the humble dessert dish is set to get more creative this summer. Julian Saipe, managing director of caterers Zafferano, predicts theatrical desserts will be the next trend.  Think beautiful menus, lyrical flavours and theatrical-style desserts, with colours including lime green and dusky pinks, he says.

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