Three avocado-inspired food ideas for events

In celebration of National Spicy Guacamole Day, which took place on 14 November, Event lists three avocado-based catering ideas for your events.

Event lists Avocado-inspired recipes for your events
Event lists Avocado-inspired recipes for your events

Avocado starters - Tonic

Caterers Tonic suggest two avocado dish ideas. Firstly, cornish crab and filo crisp, mixed with avocado puree, crème fraiche and chives. The classic pairing of avocado and crab works together with crisp filo pastry to create a flavoursome and textural delight. For the second dish, try marinated tiger prawns with garlic, chilli, avocado and keta caviar. The addition of chilli gives the dish heat, while the keta (salmon) caviar adds a gourmet feel. These innovative starters are the perfect way to impress guests with a unique interpetation of the popular fruit. 

Avocado Macarons - Ohlala

Events caterers Ohlala, created by the Meredith Collective, specialise in macarons. The company's avocado macarons use a standard macaron recipe - made using ground almonds, icing sugar, egg whites, caster sugar and gel food colouring, but also contain an avocado flavoured butter cream to give a unique twist. The butter cream is made with avocado, lemon juice, butter, icing sugar and vanilla, as well as optional ingredients such as mint flavouring and green colouring. The butter and icing sugar is mixed together, avocado is added and the mixture is beaten until smooth. Add in the rest of the ingredients, then pipe into the cooled macarons. 

Avocado ice cream - Avo Popup

This recipe from the Avo Popup, also created by the Meredith Collective in conjunction with Whirlpool, uses egg yolks, honey, avocados, lime zest, whipping cream and green colouring if you want to add an extra colour pop. The cream and honey is heated together until just below boiling point, and the mixture is then whisked. Allow the mixture to cool, and then add beaten avocados. Keep blending the mixture while adding in all other ingredients. Add into an ice cream maker and carry on churning. If you don't own an ice cream maker, the mixture can be put in the freezer and manually churned every two hours with a metal spoon. 

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