Temporary Structures: A space for all seasons

Temporary structure suppliers are launching a range of products that will complement existing lines. Report by Jane Stanbridge.


The new Panorama structure, with potential floorspace of up to 700sqm, combines convenience with comfort. "De Boer recognised the need for a structure with the advantages of speed of build and dismantle, modularity and compatibility with other structures, yet with the look of a permanent building," comments managing director Peter Spruce.

The recently launched Galaxy structure, measuring 107 metres by 60 metres with a roof height of up to 26 metres, was designed for a specific client, but the sheer size, controllable internal lighting and acoustic properties made it a very attractive product to include in the range.

Additional products:

De Boer in the UK stocks approximately 400,000sqm of temporary structure material across 40 branded, named products, which fall into six categories.

Circus tent: The three different tents available can be combined with other De Boer structures. The company has the biggest circus tent in Europe, with an area of 5,100sqm.

Multi-tier: Ideal for hospitality events, double or triple-decker structures give good views across sporting events, plenty of head room, quality fittings and are available at either 14 or 15 metres wide.

Alu Halls: A range of clearspan structures, such as the Jumbo, are available in widths from 8 to 50 metres.

Delta roof system: A modular roof system allowing individually designed structure shape and dimensions in units of 5 x 5 metres, with a constant internal height of six metres.

Hospitality chalets: These include such structures as the pagoda-shaped Acropolis Pavilion, a 12-metre, free-standing hexagonal model that can be expanded by joining additional pavilions to create a honeycomb village structure.

Architectural tensile structures: This includes the 'Bandshell', a futuristic white stage covering that is available from De Boer in two sizes (29 x 32 metres and 23 x 19 metres). The membrane roof consists of a lightproof shell, which ensures excellent lighting and acoustics for a range of musical events.


Owen Brown's new Evolution temporary structure system moves away from traditional pitched 'A' frame aluminium and offers a clear span width of up to 60 metres. It is ideal for exhibitions, concerts, meetings and conferences, but has been designed for longer-term use as well, in sites such as retail areas, airport lounges, gymnasiums and warehouses.

The structure can be relocated within a few days and erected without a crane. "Speed of assembly and dismantling has become critical in a market where prices have changed little over the past decade, and build-up and dismantling times for events are getting shorter," says chief executive Bill Preston. "Clients' expectations of quality and service have increased but they don't expect to pay more. " Additional products: The Premier Pavilion single-span marquees, with either flexible PVC sidewalls or rigid security walls, have an integral floor system that gives a level surface on sloping or uneven ground. An atrium can be added for space and visual appeal and clearview panels in the roof or gable ends add extra impact. For a cinema-type interior, the Tunnel Vision product can be used in any size of Premier.

SmartSystem Modular hospitality units that are completely separate from one another, giving privacy and reducing noise levels. With a strong basic framework, the SmartSystem is suitable for year-round use.

Giant The Giant pavilions are designed for temporary conference centres or exhibition halls and are available in widths of up to 50 metres.

Double/Triple Decker Ideal where extra height is needed for viewing purposes, or where space is limited.

Giulio Barbieri These compact square or hexagonal structures make impressive entrances and walkways, and can be combined to create a variety of attractive configurations. They also make ideal exhibition stands.


Available for the first time this season will be the Arcum arched roof structure, which brings a new look to standard buildings of up to 25 metres in width. "There is a great market out there for something a bit out of the ordinary," says managing director Oliver Dodds.

From this season, solid internal dividers will also be available, which Dodds describes as part of a trend towards making temporary structures virtually permanent buildings. "People want to be more confident with what they are housing their events in," he says. Recent innovations also include 'add-on porches', which create covered viewing areas, allowing guests to go outside and watch events while remaining under cover.

Additional products:

Using the Losberger heavy-duty clearspan structure, with features such as solid white PVC walls, glass windows, a suspended ringbeam cassette flooring system, solid internal partitions, glazed entrance and emergency exit doors, Hospitality Matters offers a range of profiles from ten metres to 25 metres wide.

Dormer: Built by Losberger exclusively for Hospitality Matters, the Dormer was designed for use as a reception area or extra room to be added to either 11- or 16-metre-wide buildings, creating a guaranteed waterproof connection without the problems associated with joining tents.

Rondo: Rondo refers to the circular shape of the structure, which is formed by six to 16 facetted sides. Structure widths range from ten metres to 30 metres and may be split into two halves to form apse ends to existing structures.

Domicile: Based on the Rondo but with a peaked roof, the Domicile is used to create height and head room and can be used on most of the product range.

Emporium: A double-decker structure, Emporium is being offered from stock this year for the first time.

Dome Peak: This can be added to a standard square-shaped tent.


While Wembley Arena is closed for a £32m refurbishment, a £4m, 10,000-capacity semi-permanent structure provided by Arena Structures is being used for events. Opened in February 2005, the fully insulated and sound-proofed Wembley Arena Pavilion was the result of a long-term investment by Arena in a new product.

"We have introduced products where we believe they can help us create new applications or looks," says managing director Grahame Muir. "The 50 x 150 metre Tensioned Fabric Structure that forms the core of the Wembley venue was bought by us before we had any contracts for it. We had seen the new product and knew if we could show its possibilities to clients we could develop new event solutions." By tensioning the fabric horizontally and vertically, a clean, taut finished curved structure with a 25 degree roof pitch gives the impression of a permanent building.

Additional products:

Alu Halls: A classic structure available in widths up to 50 metres and suitable for exhibitions, conferences, hospitality and product launches. Various options for flooring, walling and doors are available and different roofing shapes can be created using add-on structures.

Double- and triple-decked: Multi-decked structures up to 30 metres wide can provide a superior, fully equipped hospitality area with superb viewing capabilities for guests.

Revolution: A modular structure with a three-sided roof that is fixed on adjustable uprights. A variety of configurations and sizes are possible, and the design allows for much higher uprights than would normally be provided by other types of structure.

Feature structures: These are peaked and can join together to create a watertight connection for different configurations. Suitable for parties, receptions and hospitality events, with a choice of soft or hard PVC walls, luxurious glazing units and integral cassette flooring system.


A new anti-mildew protective coating will be introduced for all the company's marquees in 2005. "The marquees are very quick and easy to dismantle but clients don't always ensure they are totally dry when packed away. This new coating will make things easier for clients in the long run," explains sales and marketing executive Claire Stevens. Although the marquees are among the lightest of such products available, the company is planning further weight reductions of up to 5kg this year.

Additional products:

The portable promotional marquees are available in a range of shapes and sizes. They are all, when folded down, manufactured to fit into an average-sized saloon car for ease of transportation. The marquees are custom-made, with a light and robust aluminium frame in a choice of colours and print options in the UK, and come with a three-year warranty. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use they are easily erected by one person (except the Hexagonal) in less than 60 seconds, and can be joined together to make larger structures. Three basic shapes are available.

Square: There are three models, from 2 x 2 metres, weighing just 20kg, to the largest at 4.5 x 4.5 metres, weighing 35kg. Often used for commercial and retail shows, autosports events, product launches, corporate marketing, hospitality and as a general catering shelter.

Hexagonal: At 6 x 6 metres, and weighing 65kg, this is Top Marquee's largest single unit, suitable for events where a larger presence is required, including product launches and promotions, commercial retail and autosports events. Also ideal as information, meeting and first-aid points.

Rectangular: Also available in three sizes, from 3 x 2 metres (24kg) to 6 x 3 (49kg). Ideal for promotions, autosports, hotel and restaurant gardens, general entrance walkways, hospitality and as a general mobile catering shelter.

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