Singing up a storm...inside your office?

Singing energises the mind, body and soul but we bet you didn't know it can also be a great asset to the workplace.


Voxbox Corporate Events is a fresh new enterprise in the world of corporate entertainment and they are dedicated to providing singing events in the workplace.  Established in 2003, Voxbox is one of London’s leading private vocal studios and has recently branched out to the corporate world, providing top professional vocal coaches to bring people together through group singing.

Staff who feel supported and valued by their employers give allegiance, longevity and high productivity and the way to show this is to give them a little extra. So the ideas of team building, staff rewards and conference entertainment were born.

But what do they actually do?

Conferences and team building:
They can bring an exhilarating lift to a conference with upbeat ice breakers, energisers, finales or give an exciting team building day by bringing groups together with a mini singing competition. The singing is done in groups, with a modern contemporary choir or glee club feel, so no one needs to sing on their own.

Staff rewards:

  • Recording studio experience, where a small team are given a once in a lifetime opportunity – to record a group song in a music studio.
  • Performance party, also for a small group. Full day learning a song each, vocal training from an expert vocal coach and then a performance in the evening, where each person gets up on stage and does their thing!
  • Office choir, where an expert vocal coach visits the workplace once a week for 1hr and trains the choir on a regular basis. It can be done in terms per year or maybe a 12 week course to lead to a performance, like a Christmas party or conference.

Voxbox Corporate Events is generating great interest, with it being very fresh, current and right on track with the modern obsession with singing. Current media is saturating the public with the concept of the 'everyday guy' being able to sing. Uploading of song covers on Youtube is skyrocketing and the singing competition shows are hugely popular. The vast majority of people say they wish they could sing, if they don't already. So now there is a chance to bring this to your workforce and the business will reap the benefits of the morale boost and feeling of camaraderie that it brings.

For further information, please contact us:
Tel: 020 7383 0087

Get up and sing!

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