Showcase: Celebratory events - Kit list

Products that will increase your options for events of all sizes.


The right stage roof will maximise the entertainment's impact at a celebratory event. Serious Stages' Solar roof system can be made up to 25 metres wide and 13 metres high. The 25-metre version has an impressive amount of headroom, so you can feature a wide range of lighting options and video screens. The system was used in 2007 for Elton John's The Captain and The Kid tour, and Sydney's Big Day Out event this year.


Avoid the problem of counterfeit tickets being produced for your celebratory event by contacting Tixmob, a company that offers a ticketless system via guests' mobile phones. The service sends a unique barcode directly to the phone, which can be scanned on entry either directly from the mobile or from a print-out. You can also use the system to send guests up-to-date information on your event, which is especially useful if there are any last-minute changes. The process reduces the chance of lost tickets in the post, and is environmentally friendly.


A large, flexible stage will certainly increase the scope you have for acts at a celebratory event. To ensure that you can do this, supplier Milos has launched its 495sqm MR5 Roof, which offers 13.5 metres of headroom and has a maximum loading of 15 tonnes. The roof utilises the M950 Quick Truss in combination with six MT3 rigging towers. The entire kit is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event that needs a large amount of space, headroom and weight loading, and the only tool needed to assemble it is a mallet, which speeds up the build process.


Investing in a well-built PA system will ensure that sound quality for a large, open-air event is crystal clear. Summit Steel has launched its mast-and-base product Smartmast 4, designed for Line Array PA systems. The Smartmast 4 is 15 metres high and can lift loads of up to 2,000kgs. It is also self-erecting using a sheer-leg system, which means you don't need to use cranes, mechanical handling devices or vehicles, apart from a forklift to position the ballast weights. The Smartmast 4 has recently been used at Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam concerts.

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