Shhh... what really happened at the Event Awards?

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Shhh... what really happened at the Event Awards?
Shhh... what really happened at the Event Awards?

Early doors Event had to make early apologies for this story to O2 events chief Nick Becker. The Jonathan Woodgate-alike more than took it in his stride, though, and engaged in a long conversation about the varying qualities of Masterchef instead.

Did anyone see the graffiti wall? Well, let's face it, everyone did. Rumours that the young scamp on the right, who wasn't exactly the most creative of graffiti artists, had stumbled in off the street are yet to be verified. "Props" to the guy on the left though, like a young Jamie Hewlett, Event thought.

Beardyman wowed the crowd. We've all seen beatboxers before but Mr Beardy takes it to another level. Many high-level event organisers were seen jotting his name down, and there has rarely been an act at a corporate awards ceremony that had kept the audience so enraptured. One festival organiser said he was ‘definitely' hiring him next year.

Just after Beardyman had finished his stuff old hand and event-world smoothy Mike Kershaw took Event's very own cub reporter Tom Hall aside and told him the secrets of success with the opposite sex:
"Climbing," said Kershaw, nodding sagely. "If you can conquer mountains the women will fall at your feet."
Judging by how Kershaw had the whole of table nine under his spell with a story about legendary climber Joe Simpson (watch documentary Touching the Void, you won't regret it), he might have a point.

Some people are just bad losers, none more so than the venue chief that lambasted awards host and venerable Event editor Jeremy King for his venue not scooping one of the top prizes. Ignoring the fact that the Event Awards are independently voted his five-minute tirade revolved around the idea not giving his venue an award would ‘reflect badly on the publication and the industry as a whole'. Very sad indeed.

Latterly, which two experiential giants' frontmen went head to head in a clash that nearly resulted in fisticuffs? Both had consumed, it is fair to say, the odd cheeky shandy, but assured Event Queensbury Rules would have applied.

Come to think of it, which roving reporter broke sweat after the a well known lady of events threatened to release post-massage bad hair day pictures of him? Said reporter was soon thereafter "mildly amused", but slightly offended when a pint-sized event recruitment staffer drunkenly challenged him to another bout of fisticuffs? Drinks make people fighty, then.

Deputy editor David Quainton, beating a hasty retreat around Cinderella's bedtime, was almost thwarted by one young lady who sensually stroked the Event ice sculpture before adding:
"It's very sensual,"
Quainton scarpered.

Finally, which busty industry behemoth said she could make wine from her ample cleavage, when discussing the rules of the grape test?

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