Samsung experiential roadshow reaches 450,000

More than 450,000 consumers were reached by an experiential campaign by mobile phone firm Samsung, according to post-event evaluation.

Samsung experiential roadshow reaches 450,000
Samsung experiential roadshow reaches 450,000

An August roadshow, organised by TRO, visited London, Bristol, Birmingham, Derby and Newcastle with the aim of attracting "socially active urbanites and techno-savvy professionals".

Consumers were able to interact face-to-face with a brand ambassador or with the Samsung Jet handset on a series of plinths.  The chance to win a Jet handset was offered daily through a Batak wall game and a Java-based game via the handsets on the stand.

"[We took] the experience to high footfall boutique shopping centres - such as Westfield, Cabot Circus Bristol and the Newcastle Metro Centre - at weekends, and visit high footfall train stations and business districts during the week," said TRO account director Chris Wareham.

"Giving consumers a range of ways in which to engage with a brand such as online, print and live helps ensure high exposure and reaches targets via the most appropriate medium for them at the time."

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