Salary Survey: What women and men want

Event magazine's latest Salary Survey has revealed some interesting differences in the views of men and women in the industry, in relation to areas including job satisfaction, the value placed on money as a work motivator and career prospects.

What do women and men event professionals want?
What do women and men event professionals want?

Men appear to be more satisfied in their jobs than women, with 34.3% of men surveyed saying they do not intend to move jobs, compared to 26.7% of women.

Indeed a higher percentage of women than men say they intend to move jobs within six to 12 months (19.8% compared to 15%) and in the next one to two years (20.5% compared to 17.9%).  

Money is seen as the prime work motivator for men and better packages is also viewed as an important reason why men left their last position, with 12.6% saying this, compared to 6% of women citing this as a reason.

The top reason for leaving, though, for both men and women was ‘no career prospects in last company’, with 13.7% of men and 16% of women stating this.

Elsewhere in the survey, 8% more women (65%) than men (57%) think they would have to leave their current job to climb the career ladder and when it comes to prospects of promotion, just over a third of both men and women said these were ‘poor’ or ‘hopeless’, while just under 6% of women said prospects were ‘excellent’ compared to just under 10% for men.  

Elizabeth Heron, managing director at HAMG 360, believes the difference of perception versus reality comes into play here. "In my experience, women often don’t ask for what they want in their jobs," she says. "They assume too much, instead of taking control and asking for career path progression outright, and if this isn’t offered to them some may think the only way up is to move elsewhere."  

Working in the event industry involves long hours so it is perhaps not unsurprising that women rate flexible working as the number one benefit they would want, with 34.2% of those surveyed saying this.

This echoes the findings of Event’s survey on women and gender balance in the event industry, carried out in 2013. Almost all respondents said that working in events did not offer a good work/life balance.

Over the past few months, Event’s Women in Events campaign has been looking to highlight the challenges women face in maintaining a work/life balance when they have children. It was launched in response to the results from the 2012 Event 100 Club, where only 20 places were taken up by females.

More than double the amount of female event professionals compared with 2012 made it into the 2013 Event 100 Club, with a total of 43 women from the industry listed.

Event’s latest salary survey was carried out with ESP Recruitment and Zing Insights, and included feedback from more than 1,350 event professionals. Read the in-depth findings and gain insight into the full earnings breakdown for the industry in our forthcoming February/March 2014 issue.

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