Research aims to get to the heart of London's influencer events

What it means to be cool, data versus word of mouth and the importance of community and kinship are some of the topics explored in the Influencer Event Report 2016.

xPure: new research into London's influencer events
xPure: new research into London's influencer events

Compiled by xPure, an insights, research and talent relations agency launched last week by XYZ, the report focuses on the impact of influencer marketing, exploring the world of London's influencer events and seeking to measure 'what is cool'.

The report highlights a number of findings, including the following: 

The 'New Culture' (the product of London's emerging talent that shapes and inspires the arts, fashion, ideas and behaviour) creators pursue portfolio careers. They accept and encourage one another in a variety of creative pursuits, from music, art and fashion to writing, rather than focusing on success in a singular field or industry

"Being cool" in this world means actively participating in it and understanding its nuances."Getting it" requires understanding the dynamic of a whole community of creators rather than looking at a few individual influencers with a lot of followers on social media.

The old form of going out clubbing is dead for London’s New Culture creators. They either organise their own parties or go to events that provide free drinks, food and entertainment as well as access to their community and those they aspire to be with.

For a generation without the opportunity to establish roots via property ownership, being part of a community is vital to their sense of place in the world.

Style is a language that tells these people immediately whether or not you are part of their tribe. New Culture creators won’t feel obliged to wear or use products if they don’t fit with their consciously constructed and evolving sense of style.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful way to communicate the feeling of being at an event or the emotional connection they have to a brand. To truly understand and reach these people you have to look beyond the data.

Kerry Shaw, co-founder and director at xPure, said: "Influencer marketing has become so important to brands it deserves more serious study. Having worked in the field for many years, I wanted to demonstrate that there’s a lot more to it than finding people who are popular on social media. It takes real dedication for a brand to find the right fit when it comes to influencers and when this type of marketing works best, it’s because the brands have found influencers who genuinely love and believe in their products or services."

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