Prestige announces 90% of tickets sold for Olympic hospitality

Prestige Ticketing has just 10% of its 80,000 Olympic hospitality packages left to sell, it's chief operating officer Alan Gilpin revealed yesterday.

The atrium at Prestige Pavilion
The atrium at Prestige Pavilion

At the official opening of the Prestige Pavilion in the Olympic Park, Gilpin said that of the remaining tickets, the cheapest package is £295 per person for rowing at Eton Dorney. Tickets go up to £4,500 for the opening ceremony.

Locog chairman Seb Coe unveiled the structure. He said it is the first time any Olympic Games has had in-venue hospitality.

"We do things differently here in London, so it’s not a surprise that we’ve chosen to go down this route," he said. "Hospitality is part of any Olympic Games or major event, but our programme has been put together in an innovative way, reflecting the sophisticated hospitality market in the UK."

The pavilion is the largest hospitality structure ever constructed at a sports event, costing £9.5m to build. When the Games are over, the north and south wings will go back into stock. The central atrium will be dismantled and the materials recycled.

Gilpin said 80% of tickets sold have gone to the corporate market and the remainder to individuals.

Earlier this month, Prestige started selling its packages via Ticketmaster. Tony Barnard, managing director at Prestige, said the partnership has helped to sell more packages to the public and that it was always the plan to offer tickets via Ticketmaster once the Locog ticket ballot had finished.

The pavilion is 80 metres from the Olympic Stadium and can cater for up to 3,000 people a day. It is one of four hospitality structures being built by Prestige Ticketing. The others are at Horse Guards Parade for beach volleyball, Greenwich Park for equestrian and Eton Dorney for rowing. Prestige is also managing the hospitality facilities at Wimbledon for tennis and North Greenwich Arena for the gymnastics and basketball finals.

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