Plimsoll research shows event industry growth

A large proportion of UK event companies are growing and making healthy profits, according to the latest research by industry analyst Plimsoll.

Latest research shows event industry growth
Latest research shows event industry growth

Plimsoll's findings indicate 201 of the top 720 companies in the market are growing at more than 10% per annum, leading a sustainable recovery in the market.

However, there are other companies whose sales growth mask something more sinister, says senior analyst and author of the new Plimsoll Analysis David Pattison.

"Essentially there are two types of growth in the market - good versus bad. An impressive 80 companies have achieved more than the 10% sales growth but in doing so have seen their profit margin collapse. They are simply overtrading. The accolades of growth are all well and good but the bills need paying too.

"More worrying, 16 of these companies have been loss making for two years - even with double digit sales growth I doubt they will make it to a third."

As a result, several companies have been rated as ‘Danger'.

"There are 140 companies facing a very bleak future indeed. Losing sales, profits and probably most of their remaining options, these companies have been rated as 'Danger' in our report. Time is running out and only a takeover or a rapid turnaround is likely to redeem their situation," added Pattison.

The new Plimsoll Industry Analysis details which companies are prospering in the post recession market place, those taking a gamble and those heading for trouble.

It gives a performance rating on the top 720 companies in the market and an overview of which companies are ripe for acquisition and who is set to be buying. Each company is assessed using the Plimsoll Model - A graphical and written analysis that lays bare the facts and gives you instant opinion.

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