In pictures: Jacobs' 40-metre cheeseboard takes over London

Jacob's revealed its 'longest ever cheeseboard' creation in London last night (11 November), to celebrate the 130th anniversary of its Cream Cracker product.


Spanning the entire length of Tower Bridge walkway in central London, the 40-metre long indoor cheeseboard showcased four cheese and cracker pairings developed by food and drink expert, Matt Day.

The space was split into four zones to highlight the different combinations of: Jacob’s Choice Grain product with British brie, fresh fruit and celery, the brand's Cream Cracker with red Leicester cheese, pickle and chutney, the Savours Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Bake offering teamed with Caerphilly and cured meats, and Jacob’s Cornish Wafer teamed with blue cheese and poached pear.

The stunt also sought to bring back the after-dinner cheeseboard, by highlighting the joys of cheese and cracker pairing. 

The move comes off the back of results of a recent study by Jacob's, which revealed that 65% of Brits prepare a cheeseboard just once a year or less, and 9% rarely keep more than one type of cheese in the fridge at a time.

Agency 3 Monkeys Communications delivered the event, and is handling all PR. 

Day said: "When you pair cheese with the right biscuit, condiment or drink, it can elevate the taste to another level, but get it wrong and the flavour clash can be quite spectacular.

"Good pairings bring out the best in all the elements in a kind of symbiotic relationship, and we wanted to pull together a few examples of that for people on the Jacob’s Longest Ever Cheeseboard."

Paul Courtney, head baker at United Biscuits, added: "You don’t reach 130 years of baking Jacob’s Cream Crackers without learning a thing or two about cheeseboards, and we know there’s great pleasure in the timeless combination of cheese and crackers - so it’s a shame to see that enthusiasm may be dwindling.

"We’re now on a mission to bring joy back into the cheeseboard, to inspire people to try different things as they rediscover this varied and satisfying course, and add a whole new level of excitement to the cheeseboard by showcasing the endless possible pairings of crackers and cheese."

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