People: On the spot

Rupert Ellwood, Managing Director, Vinopolis

- What was the appeal of leaving the Natural History Museum for Vinopolis?

I loved my time at the NHM but I want the challenge of attracting people to Vinopolis.

- What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Being commercial in a non-commercial organisation.

- What is the appeal of being an in-house venue manager as opposed to being at an agency?

I am able to work with a variety of agencies who share my passion for exceeding clients' expectations.

- What has the industry taught you?

Never believe what people tell you second-hand.

- Event's Room 101: Name three things in the events industry that get under your skin and explain why.

1. The small minority of people who try to hold events in spaces that would never suit the client's needs.

2. Those people who immediately threaten you with litigation at the first sign of any difficulty, rather than seeking a solution.

3. Gossip that is used to gain a competitive edge.

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