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Jo Eldridge, Managing Director, Indeprod

- What does being promoted mean to you personally?

My career has grown steadily since joining the company and over the years I have put my heart and soul into the business. I am extremely passionate about Indeprod and the people who work here, and thrilled with the promotion as it is recognition of the contribution I have made. I'm really looking forward to stamping my own personal style on the business now.

- How do you see the future of Indeprod over the next five years?

This year will be challenging for business in general, and the corporate communications industry will not be immune. I foresee a period of consolidation, building a strong base for growth and acquisitions. Our aim is to make Indeprod one of the top ten corporate communications agencies in the UK over the next five years.

- How much has the team grown over the past few years due to acquisitions?

Indeprod grew organically until January 2007 when we acquired Oxford Motivation, followed by Edric AV in July. These acquisitions took the Indeprod Group from 50 to more than 80 people.

- How will your role change now you are MD?

The buck stops with me now. I will still retain a couple of key accounts, but I will be doing far less of the day-to-day work by leaving that to the experts and focusing much more on managing the business and the people, reinforcing our strategic direction to drive and maintain our plans for the future.

(Jo Eldridge was operations director at Indeprod).

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