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Often overlooked and viewed as an extra cost, security tends to take a back seat within company party budgets. Laura Orchard, marketing manager at specialist event security company The Corps, explains just how important it is.

Employing the wrong security person can damage an organisation. Always make sure your security provider operates in accordance with the BS7858 vetting standard. This comprehensive professional reference check is carried out on all prospective employees.

Look at a variety of options and select a security company that offers tailored solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with an organisation willing to assess your individual needs and recommend a solution specific to your business requirements can lead to greater efficiency, cost savings and significant end-user benefits.

Regulation of the security industry's officers by the Security Industry Authority will soon be a legal requirement. Security companies must ensure their staff are licensed and trained in the appropriate skills. Choosing a provider that has put measures in place to cope with the increased workload that licensing will create must be a top priority.

Security companies that offer structured learning and development, and invest in their staff, will achieve high staff retention levels through increased employee satisfaction. As a customer, you will benefit accordingly.

Frequent meetings along with collaboration between the customer and security company are essential to maintaining good working relationships.

The trust and confidence that develops as a consequence of having a team that is thoroughly acquainted with your organisation's culture, and who can work seamlessly alongside your own staff, will give you that essential peace of mind.

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