Party Clinic: ISES - Seasons in the sun

Richard Groves, president, ISES UK feels ISES members have a great deal to be hopeful about.

With the days growing longer and the temperature slowly rising, we at ISES hope that summer will prove to be a fruitful time for everyone

As the event business slips from a reasonable spring into what we hope will be a bumper summer season, there are some concerns appearing on the horizon.

May, June and July are the big months in the event industry, which, fingers crossed, will swell the cashflow from the quiet early months until the autumn when we start to gather in the December deposits. But how busy will the summer season be?

Hospitality catering is in a tricky position this year, with a lot of energy - and spend - being taken up by the World Cup, possibly to the detriment of other traditional sporting fixtures. Football screenings seem to be everywhere; any venue where you can put up a screen and supply cold beer is promoting itself to footie fans. I'm waiting to see how far England get in the competition and then see what will happen to the screenings.

How is this going to affect the other corporate work in London? Not everyone likes football. However, there is nervousness among event managers over attempting to schedule any other events against the screenings. At least the theatres and restaurants will be quiet - check the fixtures list for the best nights to go to the ballet.

We are also in renewals season for ISES members. This year has seen such great growth in membership of ISES UK (now standing at just over 200 members), and a fantastic events programme, that we want to build on this success with 100% renewals.

This year we have spent a lot of time designing a website that will reflect the creativity and professionalism of the event business and the prominent position ISES plays within it. So that we have the most up to date and correct members list, we are not transferring the old list to the new site, which goes live on 1 July.

As is the case with, say, the AA or a gym, if someone has not renewed their membership by the end of June then it will have lapsed, and the benefits of access to suppliers, clients and potential employers, buying benefits, discounts on insurance, wine and staff will not be available.

I urge all ISES members to get their forms back as soon as they receive them - it is in their best interests to do so. We want to remain the industry association to join and continue to grow the benefits and opportunities.

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