Outsourced Events warns of office scorn over Christmas party cancellations

A survey has revealed that 85% of staff think Christmas parties are essential for staff morale with 60% still wanting a Yule Tide event despite the recession.

Outsourced Events warn of office scorn over Christmas party cancellations
Outsourced Events warn of office scorn over Christmas party cancellations

When asked what a company should pay, over 55% of respondents think their company should spend £31 or more per head while 8% thought £100 plus was the right budget.  

Given an alternative option to a Christmas bash, 38% would opt for an extra day off, 29% thought a team lunch would do the trick. Just 3.5% thought that going to the boss' house for drinks was a good substitute.

Elsewhere in the Outsourced Events survey, 26% thought having a top-notch event was essential, regardless of tight budgets.
"Employees from all industries readily answered the questions, showing in speed alone, that it's a topic close to their hearts. A Christmas Do is a tradition in this country and one that the Great British working public are not willing to do without. There will certainly be scorn for those employers who don't," said Outsourced Events director Alexandra Sibley.

"Christmas events do not have to be expensive, there are good ways to tighten the purse strings and still do the right thing for employees at Christmas."
Sibly added that the survey also gave respondents the opportunity to name the best corporate event they had attended:

"The one that made us laugh the most was when a new employee showed his tattooed backside to the FDs boss. Her reaction? She fainted."
The survey responses came from over 200 employees in a range of industries: government, advertising/marketing, healthcare, education, finance/insurance, travel/hospitality, technology, professional services.

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