One Minute With... Paul Jack, LWE

Event spoke to Paul Jack, the co-founder of underground event organisers London Warehouse Events (LWE) about the company's future goals and the launch of its first music festival.

While it's too early to talk brand collaborations, Paul Jack unveils details of LWE's first music festival
While it's too early to talk brand collaborations, Paul Jack unveils details of LWE's first music festival

As one of the founders of LWE, what are your ultimate goals for the company?

That’s a hard question as our goals keep changing and evolving, but I guess that’s what defines us. Co-founders Alice Favre, Will Harold and I are always looking for something new and exciting to challenge us.

For now our primary focus is on the launch of LWE's first ever festival, Junction 2. It’s the biggest event we have ever done and a culmination of all our efforts and experiences from the past six years of promoting and producing events as LWE. Aside from the festival we are constantly working hard to reinvent our Tobacco Dock shows, looking for new exciting spaces and developing our very own ticketing platform, Ticket Tannoy.

You hold parties in 'unique and unusual' locations... what constitutes the perfect quirky location for you?

It has to have that something a little bit special that makes it look and feel unique. It’s not something you can pinpoint but rather a feeling when you walk in and think to yourself 'wow this could be a great space for a party, why has no one ever used it before', and then come the hurdles to try and make it a reality.

Tell us about Junction 2 - how did the idea come about, and what will it entail?

We have been thinking about a festival for over two years now but never found a location that ticked all the boxes. The majority of festivals follow the same format in the form of a greenfield site with a bunch of big top tents, but to do the same as everyone else has never excited us.

When we came across the location for Junction 2 we instantly knew we had something very special and unique that perfectly suited a project with our closest and most successful event partners, Drumcode and it fit the style and direction of Dolan Bergin and the team at The Hydra.

Junction 2 festival merges natural beauty, green fields, rambling rivers, woodland pathways and hidden enclaves - all dominated by striking industrial features that will make the site iconic. The message is simple - great sound, high-end production, attention to detail, extended sets, no VIP, no plastic tents, like-minded people and a music policy focused on techno. Created by LWE and curated by three respected establishments: Drumcode, The Hydra and Closer - Junction 2 will be a celebration of our shared ethos.

How will Junction 2 be different from other music festivals?

Location, location, location. Stunning production and a music policy of only techno.

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