One Minute With... Jodi Collen, International Live Events Association (ILEA)

Event spoke with ILEA international president Jodi Collen at the association's Accelerate 2016 Conference on the reasons behind the recent rebrand and why it is determined to disrupt the events industry.

Jodi Collen, International Live Events Association (ILEA)
Jodi Collen, International Live Events Association (ILEA)

What does it mean to have all these ILEA members from the UK in one room?

One of the things I’m most excited about is that this particular group of members really gets what we’re trying to do. They’ve really been the key voice advocating for our recent rebrand and they really get what ILEA is about while being a great voice for our industry.

What was the reason for the rebrand and how will it shape the future for the association?

For many years we had been having conversations about our identity and our name. The ISES name has served us well for 28 years, but recently live events started to become a more utilised term and special events was becoming less relevant to some of our members.

We wanted to find a term that would serve us well for many years that was going to be forward-thinking and conducive to everyone in our industry. We started that conversation several years ago, but we had continued to put other projects ahead of it. Given world events we ended up getting pushed into a decision that we had been talking about for a while a lot faster than we had anticipated.

This is about the future and about describing the work that we do, and what we do is live events. We’re producing live experiences that bring people together whether it be face-to-face, in a meeting room or 10,000 people walking into a webinar. It really captures the hundreds of different ways we can produce events in the world.

Our members have been incredibly happy with the change and we’ve had really good feedback.

The theme of this year’s Accelerate Conference is disruption – why is this important?

Disruption is timely and relevant. It’s a challenge we all face and one of the things the events industry is being asked to do more and more – that is to move people and change people.

That requires disruption of some sort and requires people to step out of comfort zones. With technology being what it is and in this rapidly changing world, it’s impossible to get away from disruption. I think it’s an incredibly timely topic that covers a lot of areas we all need to talk about.

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