MOBILE UNITS: Talking trailers - Five trailer suppliers tell Event about a key brief they received from one of their clients and how they met the requirements


In January, CPM Events managing director Gary Sillitoe was approached by Manchester United Football Club to create a mobile retail store for use at Old Trafford. The Premiership champions' ground has a permanent Megastore, but it is often overwhelmed by the 65,000 supporters who attend match days.

Event: The Manchester United brand is highly protected. How did you ensure the trailer fitted the club's brand values?

Sillitoe: Part of the brief was to give the unit the same look and feel as the permanent Megastore. The interior comprises the team colours of red, black and white. The yellow and red Manchester United crest is printed on the walls and banners on top of the Mobile Megastore. Maximum sales can be achieved only if customers feel they are taking part in the Manchester United brand experience.

Event: Are there plans to take the Megastore on the road?

Sillitoe: Talks are under way to take the unit to some of the millions of United fans around the world that can't attend home games. But the unit had more than 12,000 customers last season so its value does not necessarily lie in its mobility.

Event: Can the unit be set up easily and quickly in a range of locations?

Sillitoe: Most definitely. We used a design involving hydraulics that allowed for the pod, canopy and stage to be quickly deployed with a minimum number of staff. The double-deck trailer was produced with no centre axle so that all fittings and generators could be stowed away below the stage area.

Event: Have any other football clubs approached you with similar ideas?

Sillitoe: Nike is Manchester United's club sponsor and other Nike-sponsored football clubs including Italian champions Juventus have talked to us.


A nationwide tour of 30 events showcasing the latest Sony products is running until November. EMS Worldwide director David Beeching has produced the tour, which features a 12-metre trailer.

Event: A 12-metre unit called The Sony Jaminator? Now that sounds impressive.

Beeching: We believe it's the largest vehicle of its kind in Europe. Ministry of Transport regulations make it the heaviest vehicle allowed on UK roads.

Event: Were you responsible for the design and build?

Beeching: No, Sony bought the rig a year before we took over its management.

Event: What am I likely to find on board?

Beeching: All the latest Sony consumer products including some that are not yet available in dealerships. In total, 213 products are stored under one roof.

Event: The trailer is out on the road. Does that mean your involvement with the unit has now finished?

Beeching: Quite the opposite. We fully manage the rig, so once it goes out on the road every element of the tour becomes our responsibility.

Event: Is the client pleased?

Beeching: Sony has commissioned us to manage a second truck that will form an integral part of a major European dealer promotion. This vehicle will deliver 30 shows each year but will also be tied to 60 key dealers during the year.


MP Event Trailers general manager Simon Pauffley worked with small car brand Smart to produce a multi-functioning trailer. It was unveiled at auto event Motordrive Live, which took place at Millbrook from 24-26 May.

Event: Is this the first time that MP Event Trailers has worked with the DaimlerChrysler UK brand?

Pauffley: No, it is the latest in a campaign of branded roadshows that began when the Smart city coupe was launched in the UK during 2002.

Event: What was the client looking for in this new trailer?

Pauffley: A multi-functioning, versatile, cost-efficient, mobile unit to complement its existing roadshow equipment.

Event: Talk us through the facilities.

Pauffley: This is a smaller trailer for use in urban locations. It's a made-to-measure unit equipped with galley and sales, demo and hospitality areas.

Event: What elements were incorporated to ensure a good sales environment?

Pauffley: Stainless steel hospitality and merchandise units, designer furniture, flush-fit LCD screens, concealed storage and lots of glass, make for relaxing yet businesslike surroundings.


Lynton Trailers managing director Glynne Stockell was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide a 120-strong fleet of trailers over a 12-month period. The last unit was delivered in March.

Event: Sounds like a big order. What is the MoD going to do with a fleet that size?

Stockell: The trailers were supplied to the army's vehicle management company and are being used by each Regimental Recruiting Team.

Event: What elements of design and build did you consider to create the right environment for a recruitment drive?

Stockell: The units had to be simple and quick to set up, be as light as possible and be sturdy enough to last ten years. The trailers also had to be inviting and as open plan as possible. One critical aspect of the design was that all the units had to be in black.

Event: What about the graphics?

Stockell: We did not produce the graphics on this occasion. But we do have our own graphics company A2D.

Event: Where are these recruitment trailers appearing?

Stockell: The trailers will be present at most outdoor events, but they can also be seen at shopping centres, town centres and recruitment fairs.

Event: Are you managing them out on the road as well? What other services do you provide clients?

Stockell: Each regiment manages its own trailer, but we inspect and service them regularly. Lynton has a large hire fleet of exhibition and hospitality trailers and we offer a full management service.


Samsung's agency The Record Label is touring the UK with a product roadshow that aims to train Samsung staff in the latest consumer electronic products. The vehicles have been provided by Event Marketing Solutions, which is headed by managing director Keith Austin.

Event: How many trailers have you supplied and what is their primary function?

Austin: We supplied a 13.9m hydraulically extending display unit accompanied by a 7.5-tonne support vehicle. The display unit provides an environment to show the latest Samsung products to sales staff in Samsung's UK distributor and retail network.

Event: Where will these sales staff receive training?

Austin: Events will take place on the premises of the distributors and retailers, allowing all staff to experience the new Samsung products.

Event: Tell me about the unit?

Austin: The display unit was built by Vipex and is self-sufficient with a large generator, full air conditioning and satellite Internet connection.

Event: Has your role finished now that the roadshow is active?

Austin: No, quite the contrary. We are involved in managing the day-to-day logistics for the vehicle ensuring all the products are updated.

Event: Why do you think Samsung puts so much importance on roadshows?

Austin: It enables Samsung to take product training directly to its employees, which minimises staff down time and maximises the number of staff that can participate in the programme.

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