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Following his success in The X-Factor, singer Steve Brookstein is now hitting the corporate circuit. He talks about his aspirations to Jeremy King

RSVP I hear you've left behind the charts to become a popular corporate party entertainer. How hard is it performing in front of hundreds of hard-nosed corporates, compared to Sharon Osbourne, your nemesis from the show ? Steve Brookstein I'd be mad to give up on the charts just yet as both my album and single got to number one. I'm recording my second album for release next year, a tour is planned and I've even helped finish my girlfriend Eileen Hunter's (pictured) album. However, up until now I've had very few live gigs, which I believe is due to bad management. I'm looking forward to performing to corporate clients again, I always had a great reaction from them before the fame. I doubt anyone could be as hard-nosed as Mrs O. She's a rock chick and I'm a soul man.

RSVP When you won X-Factor you were catapulted into the limelight and according to the tabloids you seemed to enjoy the parties. What and where was the best party you attended?
Brookstein I never really exploited the chances to party, but the best night was the premiere and aftershow party for Bridget Jones 2 at Tobacco Dock. It was a massive venue with different rooms where all kinds of food were served, my favourite being the Thai.

RSVP Many bands start out in the corporate market before making it big. Do you think there's a wealth of talent cutting their teeth in the corporate environment and is it hard to get a gig? Brookstein It's a real shame the industry doesn't tend to appreciate the artistes that work the circuit. It's not hard to get gigs if you're good. I don't like to hear acts blaming bad performances on a tough crowd – they are all tough if you don't deliver. I enjoy my singing and that's what comes across. It makes no difference whether I'm performing to 100 or 10,000 people as long as I give 100 per cent to the performance.

RSVP So how do corporates book the first X-Factor winner?
Brookstein You can check out some of my songs on or book me by contacting my agent on

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