The continuing growth in both the number of companies selling

modular systems and the variety of different systems available is

testament to the growing demand for a serious alternative to

custom-built stands. The variety of systems and the wide range of

components and accessories offered by suppliers mean that there is now a

flexibility, versatility and design capability in modular systems today

that enable exhibitors to achieve a truly individual, personalised, high

quality stand without compromising creativity and style. In addition to

their continually improving appearance, there are other compelling

arguments for using modular displays which exhibitors need to consider

carefully before making a decision about which way to go. The

flexibility of systems is a big attraction for many exhibitors.

Working with modules enables quick and easy re-configuration of a stand

to suit varying sizes and shapes of exhibition space, which means the

same stand can be used time and time again for different shows - and

also that any last minute changes can be accommodated.

Stands can be built higher to capitalise on greater ceiling height when

available; additional components can be added as needs change; and

graphics can be readily changed for a relatively low cost complete stand


With the versatility that display systems offer, it is easy to see why

few owners leave their equipment in storage between exhibitions. Parts,

or all, of a bank of equipment can be used in a variety of other

situations, from board meetings, to conferences, road show, sales

presentations or press launches. This has the effect of maintaining

corporate image, raising the quality of presentations and maximising

their impact throughout an organisation.

While the initial cost of a modular display system may be similar or

even higher than a comparable purpose-built stand, once purchased there

should be no need to spend more on stand equipment for several


This is good news for marketers seeking to maximise the return, as there

is no need to increase the overall exhibition budget, but there is

flexibility to increase the number of events they can attend. The cost

differential between purpose-built stands and modular display stands

will vary depending on size and complexity, but it would be fair to

expect a saving of 20-40 per cent over five exhibitions

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