MARKETING EVENT GUIDE TO MODULAR STANDS: The DIY build-up route and how to go about it successfully

If you are building the stand yourself, to ensure that all goes as

smoothly as possible:

- Practice building the stand prior to the exhibition date. This will

sort out any problems in good time - some suppliers will help you do

this and make space on their premises.

- Make sure that you thoroughly read the exhibition organisers hand


Also: ensure you complete all the necessary order forms in time;

familiarise yourself with the health and safety regulations applicable

in the exhibition hall; and make sure you know and understand what

access restrictions there are.

- Leave as much time as possible for build-up.

- Take with you to the site all the information relating to your stand -

i.e. any drawings, lists of components, supplier contact information,

and copies of any orders for services to be fitted to the stand.

- Label all cases/boxes with lists of components and ensure that the

components are returned to the correct box after the show.

- Before packing graphics, mark them to show the order in which they

appear on the stand.

- Take spare bulbs and extension leads. If there are small parts without

which the stand cannot be built - take spares!

- Be Prepared! A box of useful items such as scissors, Blue Tac, string,

Velcro, staplers, screwdrivers, double-sided tape, etc is


- After the exhibition, pack away carefully - this is the time when most

damage to equipment occurs and most components get lost.


- Train personnel how to use and look after the equipment - your

supplier may be prepared to do this for you

- Ensure that any instructions are kept with the equipment

- Use the storage and transport containers supplied by the


- Check the components inventory after each show

- Replace any broken or missing parts immediately

- Clean the equipment, following the manufacturer's recommendations


With an investment this size it's worth exploring all the options to

find which best suits your usage and budget before placing an order for

a stand:

- Hire - most modular system suppliers have a hire facility, which gives

you the opportunity to 'road test' the system you have chosen before

committing yourself to further expenditure. If you then decide to

purchase, some companies will deduct the hire cost from your purchase

price. You may have to compromise on design for the first event as there

may be a limited stock available from which to choose. Cost of hire is

usually approximately one third of purchase price and is, therefore, not

cost effective for anyone with more than two events per year.

- Purchase - most modular systems are bought outright, but pro forma

payment is not uncommon for new customers.

- Lease Purchase - this a much less common option but it is worth

looking out for as it offers greater budget flexibility and is only

available on quality products that will last the term of the lease.

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