London Venue Expo: Show Guide - London's Peerless Venue Landscape

London is the most amazing city in the world and its venue landscape is equally peerless. Traditional or ultra-modern, vast or intimate, unusual, undiscovered, contemporary or simply unexploited, London has the perfect venue for every event.

But with more than 1,000 venues developing, changing, launching and adapting, it's an impossible task to keep up with the latest developments. That's where we come in. London Venue Expo is designed specifically to give event organisers the help they need in their constant quest for new and different venues.

Directories and websites can certainly point you in the right direction but they can only tell you 'what' is out there, not 'who'. More than most industries, the events sector is a people business - eventually you need to meet the people you're dealing with. The number of venues out there means this can be extremely time-consuming, so the show provides an invaluable platform for creating fresh business contacts.

Event planners are increasingly aware that having the right venue team in place is as crucial a factor in a meeting or function's success as the right location. This demand for quality and reliability will be well catered for at the show - the venues participating in London Venue Expo are committed, professional and engaged.

One of the most interesting aspects of last year's show was the number of visitors who 'rediscovered' venues that they thought they knew well.

Nothing stands still in London's venue scene and London Venue Expo provides a fascinating snapshot of a city in constant evolution.

As you explore London Venue Expo, you won't just find fantastic locations for the events that you are currently planning. You will also discover new venues that inspire you to create fresh events.

Enjoy the show!

Time: 10:00am Ten vital steps for an inspirational event
- How to satisfy the expectations of delegates
- How to build anticipation towards a motivational event
- How to motivate venues/suppliers to contribute effectively towards an
event's success
- How to measure the success of 'inspirational touch points'
SPEAKER: Peter Rand is Chairman of RAND. He has 35 years' experience in
the meetings industry.
Time: 11:45am
Getting the most from your booking agent
In today's marketplace, organisations need to spend their energy
focusing on core business. Finding suitable venues for meetings and
conferences is time consuming and results can be varied. Booking agents
can save you time when it comes to finding a suitable venue. In
addition, their buying power often means they can secure preferential
TIME: 10:00am
How to measure the effectiveness of your event
- Understand the five steps of ROI Methodology
- Develop an evaluation plan for a specific meeting or event
- Calculate Return on Investment
- Identify intangibles linked to a meeting or event
- Improve the satisfaction of your key stakeholders
SPEAKER: Peter Haigh has worked in hotel sales and marketing for more
than 25 years at corporate, regional and individual levels. He recently
established his own consultancy.
TIME: 11:45am
Ten essential steps to a successful conference
Two organisers with experience of major conferences and exhibitions
share some of their secrets. Learn how to:
- Shape and brand your conference for the audience and market it to them
at the right time
- Create a compelling conference programme
- Think laterally about entertainment and the social side of your
- Be ready for anything on the day
SPEAKERS: Howard Evans managing director, The Conference Business
Lynne Evans managing director, Event Solutions.

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