London Assembly questions Locog over 2012 ticket allocation

The London Assembly has written to Olympic organisers Locog to find out how many seats it plans to allocate for the public during the 2012 Games.

London Assembly questions Locog over 2012 ticket allocation
London Assembly questions Locog over 2012 ticket allocation

Under International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules, organisers must reserve a large number of seats for IOC representatives, athletes, the 205 National Olympic Committees, the Government and media.

In addition there will be an unknown number of seats reserved for official partners and sponsors.

However it has not yet been revealed how many it plans to allocate to members of the public and how much they will cost.

The Sydney Organising Committee was criticised in 2000 for being secretive about its ticketing policy, while empty seats were a common sight at the Beijing Games.

The Committee is calling on Locog to publish its strategy in draft form as soon as possible to allow for public debate and to build confidence in the ticketing plans.

"Londoners have told us they want to know more about 2012 tickets and I hope Locog will be able to work with us to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the Games," said chair of the Economic Development, Culture, Sport and Tourism Committee Dee Doocey.

 "The key issue is simple: how many people will be ahead of the average Londoner in the queue for Olympic tickets?

"LOCOG needs to be open and transparent about how many tickets are going to be available for the public and how many are going to be reserved for the ‘Olympic family'. These tickets for IOC staff, officials, partners and sponsors will significantly reduce the number of seats available for the public."

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