Live music events boost UK economy by £864m

Live music events contributes £864m to the UK economy, according to research from UK Music, an organisation representing the UK's commercial music industry.

Live music events brought £864m into the UK economy
Live music events brought £864m into the UK economy

UK Music's research, Destination: Music, found that large-scale live music events attracted 7.7m attendees of domestic and overseas music tourists in 2009, and that collectively they spent £1.4bn during the course of their trip.

Live music events was also said to result in 19,700 full-time jobs in the UK.

"I am hugely excited by the findings of this research," said UK Music chief executive Feargal Sharkey.

"Its message is crystal clear music provides a huge boost to UK tourism, it drives growth, it sustains thousands of jobs across all regions and it enhances our lives. I am optimistic that policy-makers will view this data and acknowledge there is even more we could achieve, especially when it comes to attracting overseas visitors. The rest of the world clearly recognises the importance of music to the UK. It is time we did similar."

Bournemouth University's International Centre for Tourism carried out the research that concentrated on live music events with capacities of over 5,000.

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