Levitating cocktail machine launches

Edible invention specialist Lick Me I'm Delicious has collaborated with Bristol University to create a levitating cocktail machine, called the Levitron.

The Levitron levitating cocktail machine
The Levitron levitating cocktail machine

Charlie Harry Francis, founder of Lick Me I’m Delicious, worked with professor Bruce Drinkwater of Bristol University to invent the machine, which uses sound waves to levitate tiny droplets of potent alcohol which can then be licked out of the air.

The company has said the contraption has cost £30,000 to set up, but it is working on a way to reduce this figure.

Francis said: "It’s a pretty powerful machine, so far we’ve made a levitating gin and tonic at 70% proof and a levitating Bloody Mary cocktail using vodka at 160% proof which will blow your socks off."

Drinkwater added: "Sound waves, even in the form of your voice, have an inherent amount of power. The Levitron uses very powerful sound waves in the ultrasonic spectrum which crucially are beyond the range of human hearing, otherwise it would seriously damage your ears when the machine was switched on."

The Levitron is the first step in a wider project that the company is executing, which will involve creating contactless cutlery. The team is also looking to develop levitating popcorn and eventually float an entire roast meal. 

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