Letter to My Younger Self: Lizzie Carver, MCM Creative

Lizzie Carver, client services director at MCM Creative, takes a look back at her younger self and what advice she would love to have been given.

Lizzie Carver from MCM Creative speaks to her younger self
Lizzie Carver from MCM Creative speaks to her younger self

Dear Lizzie,

From an early age you watched adverts, critiqued them and advised your family members on how they could be better, leading your mother in particular to predict that one day you would be a head honcho in a top advertising agency. 

You were so interested in how companies positioned themselves, what jingle they chose and why they had selected that ambassador or character to represent them. You were fascinated with art, crafts, marketing and discovering new things. 

Since you were a toddler you wanted to be involved in everything, never wanting to miss out on the latest exciting new game your friends were playing, whether it was climbing trees, building a den or pretending to be David Attenborough. 

This natural tendency to live life at 100mph has lived on as you have got older and your passion for travelling the world, visiting friends, trying out new sports and seeking out adventures means that life is always full of exciting plans. As a result, suppliers and colleagues have nick named you ‘Jet set’ Carver. 

You’ll find your way into the world of experiential marketing almost by accident. One day, when you’re at university, you’ll step in for a friend nursing a sore head. That opportunity, for one of the most successful experiential agencies of that time, will give you the chance to impress a senior member of the client team leading to many other exciting roles for a raft of global brands. You’ll discover that experiential marketing is your calling - a natural fit for your enthusiasm and passions.

It will take you to new and exciting places, you’ll change perceptions and see with your own eyes people’s emotions and opinions alter about some of the world’s biggest brands. You’ll use your imagination and creativity daily to create and inspire new and innovative solutions, to drive success for an enviable group of clients at top companies. 

You’re full of hope and dreams, though you’ll quickly learn that not everything goes to plan. However the occasional disappointment and challenge are what fuels your desire to achieve. What you learn from your setbacks is 1,000 times more valuable than what you learn from your successes. 

Enjoy every second of what is ahead and appreciate every moment.

Best of luck, 

Lizzie x

P.S. You will meet David Attenborough and it is the most star struck you will ever be…

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