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Event magazine and Sternberg Clarke have sent Sternberg staffer Sarah Thorniley-Walker to check out the best acts from the Edinburgh Fringe to give you a flavour of the latest talent that is available for events. Here's her third report on Paul Zerdin.

Our correspondent at the Edinburgh Fringe on Paul Zerdin
Our correspondent at the Edinburgh Fringe on Paul Zerdin

"Spongefest" is a brilliant ventriloquist show featuring Paul Zerdin and his three puppets; a boy, an old man and a baby. The show is so fast- paced and polished that you could be forgiven at some points for believing Paul and the puppets are talking simultaneously.

The part of the show where Paul performed the unbelievably impressive feat of doing the voice of four characters: himself, a puppet and a spider and a mosquito trapped in a matchbox (the spider a deep gravely male voice, the mosquito high-pitched, French and female!) was a definite highlight and really showed the extent of his talent. There is also an unexpected and technically incredible finale which I will not spoil.

Another section of the show sees Zerdin temporarily discard the puppets to talk about the ways in which he uses ventriloquism in every day life - messing up soundchecks, faking the Satnav voice in the car with his girlfriend ("You can get a double-decker bus through there, love!"), and passing pregnant women in the supermarket, ("Mummy, let me out!"). This part not only demonstrating the skill he has in interacting with the audience, but also his comedic talents.

Not a new act by any means, Zerdin first performed at The Royal Variety Performance back in 1997 and has since appeared on Comic Relief and The Prince's Trust 21st Birthday Gala. However he is a highly skilled and accomplished ventriloquist. Good looking and charismatic, he's the perfect choice for clients who want an all round entertainer: presenter, ventriloquist and comedian.

For those who aren't familiar with the show, he's on at the comedy store on 18th September and I can't recommend him enough. Just avoid the front row - at all costs!

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