Me and my internship: Abigail Mackenzie and Chloe Price, Story Events

Abigail Mackenzie and Chloe Price are both on a one-year placement at Story Events. Here, they discuss what the agency's like behind-the-scenes.

Abigail Mackenzie and Chloe Price are both interning at Story Events
Abigail Mackenzie and Chloe Price are both interning at Story Events


Before I started my internship at Story I had been studying Events Management at Bournemouth University, learning the theoretical side of events. Now, on my placement year, I'm able to experience what the industry is really like. It’s safe to say I love it.

The day Sarah Kay, Story's managing director, visited Bournemouth I instantly fell in love with the concept behind Story and I knew this was the company I wanted to work for. Sarah spoke with such passion about the company and her team, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Every day in the office is different, which is why I love it. We are given such a variety of different tasks, so we’re constantly learning and developing new skills. One day I’m creating a venue proposal, the next I’m sourcing weird and wonderful items needed for events or on the phone booking site visits.

I absolutely loved the Christmas period when we were running events almost every evening and seeing all the guests celebrate and have a great time - there was a lot of great dancing! In the past year I have also been lucky to see so many amazing venues in London that I never even knew about.

After I complete my degree at Bournemouth I’m hoping to move back here, as I love this city. I will always have Story in mind, and hope in the future I can work with the nicest team again. 

As far as advice on internships goes, I would have to say the most important thing is doing your research, ensure that you know everything about the company and the role. We often hear people who have taken placements not really knowing much and then later on not enjoying themselves. Most of all, don't panic as there will be the right internship out there for you. I found mine.


Like Chloe, I had the opportunity to include a placement year in my degree at Bournemouth – something I would always recommend. Through my studies I knew I had that passion to run events, but I never knew exactly what role I was looking for. Story was my decision maker – the team are amazing and the events they run are so creative.

The opportunities and responsibilities that Chloe and I have been given at Story are out of this world. We are given hands-on experience, alongside the ability to participate in creative brainstorms and idea generation. Also, we are spoilt rotten, visiting new venues and showcases each week to explore spaces and sometimes even a cheeky canapé.

One day I can be creating a theme for a client’s brief, the next we will be running a treasure hunt or helping the operations team source 300 tea lights. We are primarily office-based, working on proposals and generating ideas whilst supporting the team.

The Christmas Party Show is in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to explore the venue and its themes, and work alongside the team to deliver another amazing event.

After my internship I’m returning to university, this time in Northampton, to complete my degree. I will always remember my time at Story and hope in the future I can work with this team again. I’ve left with new skills, which I will take forward to a new role, and even a new company, hopefully as soon as I graduate.

I think the most important thing I've learnt here is it's important to show your personality. I spoke about dinosaurs in my interview, which I never thought would work in my favour, but bingo – it was a dream come true.

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