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ISES rings the changes in the first of its revamped monthly networking events.

The first networking event of the new ISES year was held at Savoy Place on 11 September. New president Mike Kershaw outlined his vision for the coming 12 months, along with a few changes to the evening that included speed networking, a Member of the Month award and a sponsor's talk. He also unveiled plans for the breakfast masterclasses, the first of which is titled Eco Events. Robert Wright, meanwhile, picked up a special award.


Robert Wright, Past president, Davies Tanner

The Mettle Attitude Award is given to the ISES volunteer who is always willing to help and get the job done in any scenario.

- What was your biggest achievement as ISES president?

Firstly, I think it's really important to say everything I achieved was due to having a fantastic board. We achieved 52% member growth, 93% member retention and an 84% increase in revenues.

- Why did you become involved in ISES in the first place?

For me it was a way of getting to know more people in our industry and increasing my circle of contacts, as well as gaining more experience of the sector as a whole.

- What is the significance of ISES to the industry?

ISES is a community. It opens up a world of opportunities for doing business, developing your career and increasing skills through education and development.

- What benefits would corporate clients obtain by attending ISES networking events?

By attending ISES events and becoming members they get special offers, meet the best in the industry, find out what's new in events and gain best practice advice.

- What was the best piece of advice or lesson you learnt during your time as ISES president?

Don't give up the day job.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH - Kate O'Neill, Managing director, Cocktailstars

- What has ISES done for your business?

Increased our profile and extended our support network, giving us access to people whose skills we readily draw upon. It's now easier to pick up the phone to fellow members and have a point of reference to get discussions going.

- Why did you become involved in ISES in the first place?

To showcase our service to members and allow them to experience us first-hand. Similarly, we've hired suppliers because we've seen them showcase.

- What is the significance of ISES to the industry?

It's a direct line to some of the most influential and experienced people in the industry - a fast track to meeting suppliers, organisers and potential clients.

- What is the best lesson you've learnt as an ISES member?

If you don't ask you don't get. If you have questions about the industry, problems you need help with or require advice - even possibly answers to awkward questions - it's surprising how helpful other members will be if you ask for assistance.

Also, if you showcase, put all your efforts into making your offering extra special. Don't cut corners or budgets because if you can't put on fabulous events for your own industry, how can you expect ISES members to recommend you to their clients?

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