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Deeper Substance director Demi Hajigeorgiou takes the biscuit with a novel marketing idea for a party.

Determined to ensure that invited guests turned up at the showcasing of a new collection of DJs, party organiser and Deeper Substance director Demi Hajigeorgiou decided to do something out of the ordinary. Rather than stick to the traditional format of putting up posters and handing out flyers, he decided innovation was the key to making the "Fortune" night a success.

Hajigeorgiou and his partners sourced a fortune cookie company to produce 5,000 special cookies for the big night on 5 August. Inside the cookies Hajigeorgiou decided to hide a fortune with a twist. One side of the fortune gave guests the details of the event, and on the other were happy and positive song lyrics.

Hajigeorgiou explains: "We chose song lyrics that we thought encapsulated what your fortune should be about. We used words from songs including Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, The Smiths and The Beatles. They were all lyrics that would give off positive vibes and energy. Really it was quite simple stuff, but it worked brilliantly. We also had lots of fun handing them out on the streets and watching the look on people's faces when they opened them up."

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