Inspiration: Behind the Scenes - Top Idea

Sprout managing director Joe Macgregor pushes creative limits to the edge with team-building ideas.

In order to create a wow factor for delegates and endorse the themes of courage, inspiration, collaboration and leadership at a team-building event, creative events production agency Sprout developed a concept based around arctic exploration. It drew on parallels between the skills needed on the mountain and those for business.

Sprout devised a physical, hands-on session featuring a professional stunt team from Shepperton Studios to demonstrate and teach a series of stunts and activities. Managing director Joe Macgregor says: "Sprout's objective was to take the practical sessions beyond the average team-building activity by making them more dramatic and extreme."

Unbeknown to each team, Sprout had also planned a final challenge aimed at testing participants' response time and teamwork. Sprout staged an "accident" where the team leader fell while walking across a 40ft high wire. The delegates had to deal with the situation unaware that it was a well-rehearsed routine. "This presented the delegates' real challenge - a test of their reaction, teamwork and success," says Macgregor.

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