Inspiration: Behind the Scenes - Key to Christmas fun

Christmas Events managing director Greg Lawson tells Jeremy King what makes a great festive party and how to keep it edgy year after year.

RSVP: I want to create an exciting, creative Christmas party - where do I start?

Greg Lawson: A truly successful Christmas party relies on a blend of venue, theming, catering and entertainment but, above all, the defining factor is atmosphere. Research the market place thoroughly and look for innovation, varied entertainment and good location. Without doubt the greatest value is to be found by buying into a package.

RSVP: What services can Christmas Events offer me?

GL: Christmas Events provides an environment with an explosive, almost spontaneous party atmosphere, backed by meticulous planning. There's the added advantage of being able to organise everything from invitations, hotel accommodation and transport to special dietary requirements.

RSVP: Why is using Christmas Events better than going it alone?

GL: Being the nominated party organiser can be a daunting process - ahead are months of anticipation and then a night of either resounding success or abject failure, which determines whether your status is that of hero or zero. Booking with Christmas Events therefore helps to takes away that risk element, while allowing the party organiser to still share in the anticipation.

RSVP: Do you have any advice for an aspiring Christmas party organiser?

GL: Work out what parts of the market you wish to pitch to, and design and price accordingly. The Christmas market is very competitive and value for money is therefore a big consideration. It is essential you offer the biggest "bang" for the client's "buck".

RSVP: How do you ensure your parties remain innovative?

GL: Retention is paramount to any Christmas party organiser, we therefore offer the customer continuity in terms of infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring the product remains fresh and edgy. This is achieved by keeping a close eye on market trends, as well as the continued investment in elaborately themed sets to prevent repetition and stagnation setting in.

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