Inspiration: Behind the Scenes - Focus on relaxing therapies

Professional pampering service Mayumari suggests four health and beauty treatments to spoil your guests.

Hot stone therapy

Time: 10 minutes

From £65 per therapist, per hour

Hot stone therapy is currently attracting a lot of interest. The treatment uses volcanic stones that hold the heat and are applied to a fully clothed client. They have a profound effect on relaxing the body, on mental, physical and spiritual levels. Deep-seated knots of old are easily released as the warmth of the stones goes deep into the muscles.

Hand reflexology

Time: 10 minutes

From £65 per therapist, per hour

Massage techniques are applied to the hands and are intended to induce relaxation in the whole body. The therapist will then work on some specific reflexology points on the hands, which offer a map of imbalances within the physique. In this way the body is balanced emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Thai massage

Time: 10 minutes

From £65 per therapist, per hour

This technique applies interactive manipulation of the body, using passive stretching and gentle pressure along a system of energy lines that can be mapped on to the body. The treatment focuses on relieving muscle and joint tension, increasing flexibility and stimulating internal organs. The effect is uniquely relaxing as well as energising.


Time: 15 minutes

From £65 per therapist, per hour

When we look good, we feel good, and a manicure introduces an element of fun and beauty to events. Skilled manicurists shape and repaint nails with a colour of the client's choice, from an extensive professional range.

Men also like a bit of pampering and Mayumari is often asked to quote for jobs, including manicures, at male-dominated events.

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