Hotels becoming number one terrorist target: report

Events in hotels are increasingly likely to be subject to terrorist attacks, according to a report by an influential US think tank.

Hotels increasingly becommin number one terrorist target: report
Hotels increasingly becommin number one terrorist target: report

Due to increased security presence at places such as airports, the report by Stafor suggests, Islamist militants like those representing al Qaeda are focusing on 'soft targets', with hotels proving extremely popular.

"We observed that after 9/11, increased situational awareness and security measures at hard targets such as U.S. government or military facilities were causing militants to gravitate increasingly towards more vulnerable soft targets, and that hotels were particularly desirable targets," the report said.

"Indeed, by striking an international hotel in a major city, militants can make the same kind of statement against the West as they can by striking an embassy. Hotels are often full of Western business travelers, diplomats and intelligence officers."

"Because Westerners are very likely to be found at large hotels – either in residence or attending meetings, parties or conferences – such hotels offer the best chance for militants in many countries to kill or injure large numbers of Westerners in a single attack," it concluded.

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