Celebrity back-chat, supplier indiscretions and comic confessions - RSVP keeps its ear to the ground.

"I never, ever thought that I would be promoting a man with his hand stuffed up a monkey." - Flair bartending, men with puppet monkeys ... Cocktailstars managing director Kate O'Neill's career is taking an unusual turn.

"Damon Scott and Bubbles will be performing later. Some of you might know who that is. I didn't until earlier this evening." - At least RSVP is doing its bit to get the word out on Damon and his monkey by putting them in What's Hot, even if ISES president Mike Kershaw is not quite sure what qualifies as talent these days.

"We have opposing tastes, that's why we make such a great team." - Sternberg Clarke's Lucy Dunkerley makes it known that she doesn't have the same taste in music as Dreamgirls fan Adam Sternberg.

"They told me if you want to be British you have to learn how to cook roast potatoes." - Looks like the test for becoming a British citizen might need a revamp. The Brewery's Swedish head chef Erling Rugsten reveals exactly what gets us Brits out of bed in the morning.

"I'm so angry. I've had four people calling me today wanting to book the restaurant for events and I'm quite sick of it." - Okay, we'll just pack our bags and go home then. Obviously Sarah Buttery, sales manager at The Greenhouse restaurant in Mayfair, doesn't get the point of editorial publicity.

"Very few people know that before we started GSP, Jules actually used to run a dominatrix club." - It's best to get these things out in the open. We hope Jules doesn't mind business partner Emma Gold sharing his secret with 10,000 other people.

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