Hearsay: Celebrity back-chat, supplier indiscretions and comic confessions - RSVP keeps its ear to the ground

"The official line is that Avril had a plane to catch. The truth is she hates publicity stunts" - Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne spurns Prince Charles's hospitality at Party in the Park and refuses to sit next to him to watch the grand finale.

"The Dorchester didn't have any safes so I had to sleep with the dress all night in my room" - Concorde Media's Chrissie Ferber takes her work to bed as she has the tough task of looking after songstress Samantha Mumba's £5m diamond-encrusted web dress worn to the Spiderman 2 premiere

"My team was preparing the flowers at the HAC when a rival mag turned up unannounced and declared they were doing a day-in-life feature on me - even though I wasn't there" - James Crook, of James James-Crook floral architects, reveals the attempts made by RSVP's competitor to keep pace.

"If you look back at the footage from the very first Party in the Park, Roger Daltry is wearing an eye patch to hide the injuries caused during rehearsals when Garry Glitter swung his microphone and whacked him in the face" - Agency First Protocal chief executive Richard Waddington reminisces on staging the debut event in Hyde Park.

"This must be mine and Bryan's" - Kerry McFaddon showing that showbiz hasn't affected her as she draws the winning ticket at a raffle held at the Silverstone Ball

"This man has single-handedly got this business, which just deals with frozen water, and marketed it" - Mask managing director Arthur Somerset heaps praise on Philip Hughes, managing director of ice-sculpting outfit The Ice Box

"I'd like you to just run up to me and inadvertently touch me" - Arthur Somerset, outgoing (in more ways than one) ISES president, basks in the glory.

"I'd like to thank my wife, who'll be delivering the biggest event in our lives quite shortly" - Arthur Somerset is at it again, urging his very pregnant wife to hold out until the end of his speech.

Derren Brown was standing behind me. "Hello Ian," he said. I've met Derren once before and he only knows me as Sav - he must have read my credit card over my shoulder but it got to me that a fellow magician was playing with my head - Sav gets a glimpse of how his audiences feel after bumping into Derren Brown in a magic shop

"A few years ago it was all left to some girl in the office who, excuse me, doesn't know shit from yoghurt" - Catering firm Create's director Richard Groves on the evolution of event management.

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