Grass Roots events director leaves after just nine months

Grass Roots' events and communications director Amanda Litzow has left the agency after just nine months in the job.

Grass Roots events director leaves in 'bizarre' circumstances
Grass Roots events director leaves in 'bizarre' circumstances

Grass Roots chairman David Evans told Event her abrupt departure was "bizarre".

Litzow is the second high-profile departure this year after global head of events Nick Bender announced he was leaving in July.

Grass Roots chairman Evans has interviewed around a third of the company’s 160 staff in the last two weeks to better understand the business and make new internal appointments.

"I feel like a chairman of a football club that didn’t know his players. I left Nick Bender in charge and he decided to up sticks and go," he told Event.

He added: "It’s been really energising and motivating to [interview staff] because there’s a lot of bright people there who need some proper leadership."

To read Litzow's My Event World profile from July click here.

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