Future talent: Snapshot - Industry prospects

Event spoke to five wannabe event profs currently studying events management at the University of East London. Read about their expectations and hopes for the future.

Jones says her dream job would be to have her own events management company
Jones says her dream job would be to have her own events management company

Laila Jones

Work experience: I volunteered for my local town council and helped them put on their yearly canal festival. I've also done family parties and my school prom.

Dream job: To have my own events management company.

Ideal first job: I hope to get at least five years' experience within an events company before I set up my own business. Anything I can get my hands on - I'm really not fussy, even if it's making tea. I'm determined to get where I want to be.

First salary expectations: I'd like to be on £20,000 a year at least.

Alternative career: I have always been into entertainment and music - I'd love to sing on cruise ships. But really, ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be an event manager.

Narin Mustafa

Work experience: At school, the biggest thing we did was stage the musical Dreamgirls. I was involved not only as a choreographer but also as the stage manager. I had to set up the rehearsals and staging, and tell people where they needed to be.

Dream job: Something within the entertainment side of events - that's all I know so far.

Ideal first job: To put on my own dance show. I have always wanted to start my own dance company too.

Salary: Hopefully between £20,000 and £25,000.

Alternative career: I'd be on stage performing.

Khaleel Clarke

Work experience: I've worked on events at The O2 and security at Wembley.

Dream job: Venue manager at The O2.

Ideal first job: Not sure at the moment. Hopefully I will get an internship.

First salary expectations: At least £17,000 a year.

Alternative career: Sports coaching - I have my badges up to level three.

Riya Dev

Work experience: The biggest event was my brother's wedding in India, with around 1,500 people. My uncle and I organised it and had to work with a lot of people to make sure that it ran smoothly.

Dream job: I'm not sure. I guess I would love to be able to have a company to call my own.

Ideal first job: Anything within the industry - I haven't quite picked a niche so I'm open to everything.

First salary expectations: At least £25,000, ideally.

Alternative career: SFX artistry. I'm into the behind-the-scenes of horror films - I can do a lot of cuts and bruises.

Cariad Williams

Work experience: I shadowed the events team on the Welsh National Eisteddfod. It inspired me to follow events; the atmosphere and seeing people enjoying themselves so much really struck something in me.

Dream job: I'd love to work freelance and travel the world.

Ideal first job: I think it's going to be small, maybe shadowing someone at a venue. I'd love to see how that works.

Salary: Realistically, around £25,000.

Alternative career: Probably musical theatre.

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