Four galactic food and drink trends

Event explores four unearthly food and drink trends making an impact.

Bubble Food's dehydration station
Bubble Food's dehydration station

Dehydration stations

Replicating the freeze-dried foods astronauts eat, event caterer Bubble Food developed a 'dehydration canapé station' for the launch of the Cosmonauts exhibition at London's Science Museum last year. Dehydrated fruit discs were combined with ingredients in front of guests. Bite-sized offerings included mango discs with goats cheese and red onion and beetroot discs with gorgonzola, red onion and micro salad. It was complemented by a 'Russian Test Centre' serving nitrogen-poached 'Korzinochki' (Russian tartlets) ice cream and a cocktail menu including the Cosmo-Naut and the vodka-based LK-3 Lunar Lander.

Inhalable cocktails

Culinary event creators Bompas & Parr's latest installation, Alcoholic Architecture, combines meteorology with mixology to produce a walk-in cloud of a breathable cocktail that 'intoxicates through the lungs and eyeballs'. The installation runs until the end of July at London's Borough Market and is described as an 'alcoholic weather system for your tongue'. Many of the ingredients used in the cocktails are sourced directly from the market. 

Galaxy desserts

The latest food trend sweeping social media has seen all sorts of sweet treats given an intergalactic makeover. Instagrammers have been sharing photos of their cakes, doughnuts, chocolates and even macarons that appear to have been sent from outer-space. According to the experts, no two galaxy desserts can ever be the same, because of how the colours run together at random, just like the stars in the sky.

Cloud bread

Not quite as exciting as the name suggests, cloud bread isn't a lovely soft, pillow-like bread that you could float off to sleep on. It is a low-carb, grain-free alternative to ordinary bread generally made from eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar that has been attracting a lot of attention online. Despite its flat appearance it is still light and fluffy in texture and will certainly get the thumbs up from event guests that are watching their waistlines or sticking to gluten-free diet.

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